Noah’s Ark

The day after rummaging about during the ThinkTank, I arrived into the department bright and early to see people looking very worried, and others rushing about with mops and buckets, and engineers clambering on the roof.  There had been a flood.  A flat roof is never a good idea.

Thank goodness none of the objects had suffered, but we still went into disaster management mode, and our rapid response solutions kicked in.  We decided that the objects in cases would be safe, but covered the cases in plastic, just in case.  With the installation on the stairs, it was felt safer to remove some of the more vulnerable pieces (paper-based works) and put them in safety in a cupboard, and then cover the rest of the display with plastic.  Even though the leaks are nowhere near, it felt sensible to do this.  We hope to remove the temporary covers and restore the display on Monday morning.

The best part of the exercise, was seeing one of Michael’s collages peering out through its plastic covering: ‘Shop Early for the Flood’ advertised on the side of a double decker Noah’s Ark ploughing through the floods.  Did he foresee this incident?!  Had we left the collages in their original positions, they may indeed have suffered from flood damage – so all in all, risk averted and everything safe.

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