Impact of the exhibition

I thought it might be useful to include a summary of how the exhibition has been used and the impact it has had within and beyond the School of Museum Studies between September 2012 and February 2013.

Teaching and Learning

  • used by academics in several teaching modules for all MA students (including by Dr Sandra Dudley, Dr Janet Marstine, Dr Viv Golding and others)
  • used as source for 3 PhD-led Thinktank sessions (for approximately 55 MA students) (these were led by Stephanie Bowry, Alex Woodall and Cy Shih)
  • used together with hedsor’s Sheffield Object Dialogue Box, during the Education Option for Dr Viv Golding, taught by Alex Woodall (for approximately 20 MA students)
  • been used as the basis for the successful day-long Creative Symposium, led by 6 of the artists involved, and including 18 participants (including 2 from New Walk, 1 external visitor, PhD students and academics from the School of Museum Studies)

Skills Development and Team Working

  • huge impact enabling Cy Shih to develop his design practice and graphic design skills, and Alex Woodall to develop her curatorial and project management skills
  • involved the majority of members of the PhD community in many ways

(for example design by Cy Shih; curation by Alex Woodall; installation by a team including Cy Shih, Alex Woodall, Stephanie Bowry, Cintia Velazquez Marroni, Kirstin James, Romina Delia, Gudrun Whitehead; deinstallation by Cy Shih, Priya Lin and Alex Woodall; photography by Cy Shih, Priya Lin, Romina Delia and Alex Woodall; writing exhibition text (Alex Woodall) and accompanying essay (Stephanie Bowry); flood defence(!), and probably all sorts of additional things)
- benefitted the artists in various ways including networking at the Creative Symposium event and skills sharing

Funding and Recognition

  • enabled additional funding (for example Dawn received an ACE grant as a result to develop her work further with Newcastle’s Literary and Philosophical Society)
  • Karl and Kimberley Foster and Hazel Jones can use it as an output for the REF
  • press coverage: online as well as Leicester Mercury and Loughborough Echo
  • blog development


  • Strengthened relationship with The Art Department in Nottingham who created the text panels for the exhibition
  • Developed relationship with New Walk Museum (for example through Simon Lake and Hugo Worthy’s attendance at the Creative Symposium)

And I am sure there are many other ways in which the exhibition has impacted upon its visitors that we shall never know about.

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