Artists’ reflections on museums

Here follows the longer version for the main text panel, again written in the Ekarv style, to describe the concept and questions engaged with by each of the artists involved in this exhibition.

What do museums do?

How and why do they collect? 

How are their objects catalogued and stored?

When and where are their objects displayed?

How are museum objects experienced?

Are they experienced?

What is a museum object?

This exhibition brings together a group of artists

to reflect on some of these questions

and to challenge museum processes.

Although diverse in background and media,

each artist debates the values we place on objects,

creatively exploring what it is that museums do.

All have worked previously in museums

as well as in academic institutions,

and the critical nature of their responses reflects this.

Encouraging questions rather than giving answers,

μουσείον, like its forebear in Alexandria,

is a forum for dialogue and discussion.

Through the eyes and objects of artists,

we are inspired to make our own reflections.


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