Images of Cy’s labels (photos taken by Priya Lin).

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Yesterday, Cy Shih took the long-awaited delivery of his beautifully designed panels, which were printed by The Art Department in Nottingham.

Cy has been working on these designs throughout the summer.  Based in Taiwan for much of the time, it was only since returning to Leicester mid-way through September, that Cy was able to get more of a sense of the space and of the installations themselves: the designs went through many iterations, before arriving at their final, perfect design.

Made of beech plywood, they are art objects in and of themselves.  Rather than distracting the viewer from the art, they become part of it, in conversation with the display, and threading the artists’ works together.

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Finishing touches

Throughout the summer, we have been working to create ‘Mouseion: artists’ reflections on museums’ for display in the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester.

The finishing touches are just taking place: text panel and label design is being finalised before production by The Art Department in Nottingham; the website is being updated, and a catalogue is to be produced.

Our doors are already open to the public (as of Monday 1 October) but we like to see this as an organic exhibition: one that will ripen and mature as it changes over time.  So please do visit, and watch this space for updates on our progress.

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